Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Premier Schools Stamp

Premier Schools are schools that are over 100 years old which have been selected and awarded as cluster schools due to their achievements in the academic and co-curriculum fields. These schools have produced many national leaders, corporate figures, professionals, sportsman and scholars who have contributed significantly to the growth of Malaysia in this era of globalisation.

SMK St. Thomas

SMK St. Thomas is the oldest school in Sarawak. Founded in 1948 by Reverend Francis Thomas Mcdougall, St Thomas. This school was originally located at Sungei Sarawak. It subsequently moved to its present location known as College Hill situated in the center of Kuching City.

St. Thomas has created history for Sarawak by becoming a pioneer in many aspects and winning awards at the national level. In 2006, SMK St Thomas was officially recognised as a “Sekolah Lestari” due to it being an environment friendly school.

SMK Victoria

SMK Victoria, better known as Victoria Institution was officiated on 14th August 1893 by Mrs. Hood Treacher, wife of the then Resident of Selangor. SMK Victoria is today a five-star smart school and its 115 years of excellence has resulted in the school being selected as a cluster school in 2007.

SMK Convent Bukit Nanas

SMK Convent Bukit Nanas is a well-known premier girl’s school in Kuala Lumpur. Built in 1899, this school with its English Gothic architecture is situated on a two-acre site near the peak of Bukit nanas Forest Reserve.

SMK Bukit Nanas consistently excelled in the academic and co-curriculum fields. In 2007, this school was selected as a cluster school.

SM All Saints

SM All Saints was established as King Edward VII School on 22nd December 1903 and officiated by the Governor E. W. Birch. The new building was built in 1909 in Likas and was officiated by the the Governor Sir Ralph Hone.

SM All Saints has played a major role in the growth of education in Sabah and has been awarded as a premier school.

Technical Details

Date of Issue : 16th December 2008

Stamp Value : 50 sen (4 Designs)

Sheet Content : 20 Stamps

First Day Cover Value : 30 Sen

Paper : Watermarked SPM, Phosphor Coated

Printing Process : Lithography

Printer : Percetakan Keselamatan Nasional Sdn. Bhd.

Designer : Hazel Design

Monday, December 1, 2008

Malaysian Cartoons - Lat Stamp

The younger generation of Malaysian youth will know Lat as the creator of the animation series, Kampung Boy that is shown on Astro Network. The 26-episode animation series from the cartoon book Kampung Boy that was published in 1979 is very popular ever since it was shown in 1998. This animation series is also shown over television in Canada and Germany, and has won The Best Animation Award in Annecy animation Festival, France in 1999.

On the other hand, the older generation knows Lat since the 1960's when he became the cartoonist for Berita Minggu newspaper. Since 1974 until today, Lat has been drawing his cartoons in the NST Newspaper.

The Kampung Boy

The Kampung Boy, a cartoon book published in the 1970's is based on the life of it's creator, Malaysia's renowned cartoonist Dato' Mohd Nor Khalid also famously known as Lat. It tells the life story of a child born and raised in a typical Malaysian village in the 1950s and 1960s, according to the traditional Malay life, living in harmony with nature. The cartoon portray the lighter side of family life, school and home-made games in a rural environment.

Home-made Games

Riding the upih pinang (pinang frond) was one of the most memorable games in the good old days which brought fun and laughter, especially to those who were "passengers". There were a lot more do-it-yourself games played by the children of yesteryears that are featured in another book titled "Kampung Boy - Yesterday and Today"

The Fierce Teacher

One of the favourite and well known characters of Lat's cartoon is Mrs. Hew, Lat's strict teacher. Students of yesteryear were very afraid of their teachers, who played a major role in educating the children. In real life, Mrs. Hew, who is very pretty unlike the cartoon drawing, was one of the many teachers who gave encouragement to Lat to pursue his interest in art as well as to improve the quality of his drawings.

Town Boy

Town Boy tells the story about a group of youths and the friendship they shared although they were from different racial and cultural background. It was in fact the different background but same interests that made them become close friends, thus creating funny situations. In Town Boy, it was music that brought Mat and Frankie together.

Technical Details

Date of Issue : 1st December 2008

Stamp Value : 50 sen (Strip of 4)

Sheet Content : 20 Stamps

Miniature Sheet Size : RM5

Stamp Booklet : 30 sen x 5 x 2 (RM3)

First Day Cover Value : 30 Sen

Perforation : 14

Paper : Watermarked SPM, Phosphor Coated

Printing Process : Lithography

Printer : Percetakan Keselamatan Nasional Sdn. Bhd.

Designer : Hazel Design

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