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Installation His Majesty Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XIII Stamp

Agong XIII StampsHis Majesty Al-Wathiqu Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni A;-Marhum Si;tan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah was born on 22nd January 1962 in Kuala Terengganu. His Majesty is the eldest prince in the family of seven siblings.

His Majesty received his early education at Sultan Sulaiman Primary School and later at Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School in Kuala Terengganu before going overseas to further his studies at Geelongs Grammar, Victoria, Australia from 1980 to 1981. Later, His Majesty pursued a degree course at the US International University - Europe in London and obtained his Bachelor of Arts in International Relations on 9th June 1988.

His Majesty's life is not restricted to the palace and on 15th December 1981, His Majesty was appointed as the Assistant Land Levy Collector, working for a year at the District Land Office in Kuala Terengganu. The experience gained from working at the District Land Office proved to be beneficial for His Majesty before leaving for His Majesty's studies abroad.

Agong XIII First Day CoverPrior to his military courses abroad, His Majesty enrolled in a Pre-Army Course at Kem Sebatang Karah, Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan for 3 months beginning 18th May 1981. Subsequently His Majesty followed the PRE SMC (E) military course at the Army School of Languages from 2nd November 1982 to 31st May 1983, also the SMC 33 course at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, England frrom 3rd May 1983 to 9th December 1983. His Majesty was commissioned to the rank of Honorary Lieutenant in the Royal Cavalry on 1st March 1984.

His Majesty was appointed as the Crown Prince of the State of Terengganu Darul Iman on 6th November 1979 and later as the Acting Sultan of Terengganu on 20th June 1986 and for a second time from 21st October to 8th November 1990. His Majesty was appointed as the President of the Council for Islam and Malay Culture of Terengganu from 1st June 1991 till 31st December 1995.

His Majesty married Her Majesty Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku NurZahirah on March 1996in Kuala Terengganu. The Royal couple is blessed with two princesses and two princes.

Agong XIII Presentation PackHis Majesty was conferred the dignitary titles of:

• Darjah Kerabat Malaysia (D.K.M.)

• Darjah Seri Paduka Mahkota Terengganu Yang Amat Di Hormati (S.P.M.T.)

• Darjah Seri Paduka Mahkota Johor (S.P.M.J.)

• Darjah Seri Setia Sultan Mahmud Terengganu Yang Amat Terpuji (S.S.M.T.)

• Darjah Utama Kerabat Terengganu (D.K.T.)

• Darjah Kerabat Baginda Tuanku Syed Putera Jamalullail (D.K. Perlis)

• Darjah Kerabat Mahkota Johor Yang Amat Dihormati (D.K. Johor)

• Darjah Utama Seri Mahkota Negara (D.M.N.)

• Darjah Kerabat DiRaja Terengganu Yang Amat Mulia ((D.K.R.)

• Darjah Setia Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Yang Amat Terpilih (S.S.M.Z.)

• Darjah Kerabat Negri Sembilan Yang Amat Dihormati (D.K. Negri Sembilan)

• Darjah Kerabat Yang Amat Dihormati Negeri Kedah Darul Aman (D.K. Kedah)

• Darjah Kerabat Yang Amat Dihormati (Al-Yunus) (D. K. Kelantan)

• Darjah Kerabat Yang Dihormati Selangor (D.K. Selangor)

• Darjah Seri Utama Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Yang Amat Terpilih (S.U.M.Z.)

As a Ruler who is very concerned about the welfare of his people, His Majesty Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin makes the effort to go to all mosques in Terengganu for Friday prayers to forge closer ties with his subjects. His Majesty also continues with the practice of giving alms to orphans and the poor every Friday as was done by his late father Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah.

His Majesty is also very active in sports like football, golf, tae-kwan-do, scuba diving and equestrian which he has developed deep interest in since he was six years old.

Agong XIII FolderTechnical Details

Date of Issue : 26th April 2007

Denomination : 30 sen, 50 sen & RM1

Stamp Size : 30mm x 40mm

Sheet Content : 20 Stamps

Perforation : 14

Paper : Watermarked SPM, Phosphor Coated

Printing Process : Lithography

Printer : Percetakan Keselamatan Nasional Sdn. Bhd.

Designer : Prof Dato Zahabuddin Raja Yaacob

First Day Cover Value : 30 Sen

Presentation Pack Value : RM 4.00

Folder Value : RM 5.00

POS Malaysia 24 April 2007, Tuesday Press Release


Pos Malaysia Berhad will issue new stamps and First Day Cover to commemorate the installation of His Majesty Al-Wathiqu Billah Al-Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni AlMarhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah as the Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong XIII. The stamps will be sold to the public on 27 April 2007 for states having their weekend off on a Sunday and on 28 April 2007 for states having their weekend off on a Friday. The Commemorative Stamps will feature a collection of the portraits of His Majesty Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin.

“Pos Malaysia is deeply honoured by the opportunity to issue the commemorative stamps in conjunction with the installation of the Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong XIII and we believe that the sense of pride will be felt by all Malaysians. This documentation of the most significant royal occasion in Malaysia through our stamps and First Day Cover will be a valuable collection to the stamp enthusiasts not only in Malaysia but also from other countries,” said Dato’ Idrose Mohamed, Group Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of Pos Malaysia Berhad.

The stamps, 30mm X 40mm in size, are printed in sheets of 20 on SPM watermarked, phosphor coated paper and are available in three denominations : 30sen, 50sen and RM1.00.

First Day Covers at 30 sen each and Presentation Pack at RM4 each are available at all post offices nationwide. Folders at RM5 each is only available at selected post offices.

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